Friday, 4 January 2013

collecting Johnson of Australia

Happy New Year!!! 

Hope you've all had a nice break. I've been enjoying my time off and spending some time checking out some new (to me) op shops. As you know, many of the oppies are closed during this time, with volunteers taking a well deserved break, but most of the bigger ones are up and running still! (Phew!)

As you know a few weeks ago I found some Johnson of Australia plates. After that I found this little cup at Savers for $1, then about a week later, 5 saucers turned up at BSL for 50c each (however I got the 5 for $2 in the end) and so it begins....... I'm now collecting Johnson of Australia crockery, with my aim being a full dinnerset. I know some of you are probably cringing right now ;o) haha, but it's going to be fun!! Growing up we had the 'Daisy' pattern set, so if I get stuck, I'll just raid Mum's kitchen! I like the fact that all the sets were the same shape so it's really easy to mix and match with the different patterns. In my hunt over the last few days, I've noticed a lot of op shops only seem to be stocking crockery that's in a set though. What happened to all the stacks of odd plates and bowls? 

These were from the Vinnies in Preston. 50c each. They had more in the smaller size too if anyone was keen, as well as ones with 'Square Dancing Association' on them!! So cool!

 These leather earrings were from there as well - 50c, and the gold bangle in the picture below was also 50c. It's hollow and bent up a bit but I'm going to melt it down and make something new.

I got this cute owl statue from the Salvos on High St in Preston. Their stuff was a bit pricey but I was in a spending mood so I caved. It was $10 (eek!) the jewellery book in the middle was $5 and the stripey dress was $7.99. The other two books were a fantastic find for me today, the highlight of the day for sure. They were from BOSL in Northcote and have been on my want list for a while, and to come across them at an op shop was amazing! $7 each.

 This little Decjuba singlet was also from BOSL in Northcote for $3. And for any label lovers in the area, there was a pair of size 8 Bally loafers there and a nice pair of leather country road sandals in great condition. I would have snapped them up but I have too many shoes already.

May 2013 bring you good health, happiness and many great opshop finds!


Lyndel said...

promise not to say ANYTHING about the Johnson.... but I do hope you have fun collecting it... you know some sets came with matching plastic ware too (Cannisters/Breadbins etc)

Gina E. said...

Oh Therese! My MIL had the complete set of that Johnson pattern, and when we were clearing out her house last year, none of the family wanted it, so off it went to the opshops!!
Yes, our BSL opshop is closed until Jan 14, and I can just imagine the bags and boxes stacked up outside waiting for us to sort...
Thank goodness Savers is open all the time; I dropped off a bootload of stuff today, that we'd taken from Ken's mum's room after she died on New Year's eve.

mothertheresa said...

That's sad news Gina, I'm very sorry for your loss.

Ohh, I wish I was looking for Johnson a year ago Gina when you were getting rid of that dinnerset!!

Thanks for not saying anything Lyndel, haha! I like that I've got something specific to look for, it's kind of like a treasure hunt now wherever I go :o)

Stella said...

I have a 'Lady Bowlers Past Presidents Association' trophy glass that cracks me up everytime I use it. I love it. I also have a couple of sherry glasses that were Melbourne bowling trophies.
I do not like that particular Johnson pattern but I have five gorgeous Johnson cups and saucers. They are white with pears and apples on them - I'll post a pic. I was thinking of selling them on ebay but I will let you have first dibs if you are interested. Although you might be one to prefer the thrill of the op-shop piece by piece chase.

Anonymous said...

I saw some Johnson of Australia plates at the knox city BSL store. Its down stairs opposite the library. Oh and currently they're having a $1 shoe sale - even boots! :)