Thursday, 31 January 2013

Fabric bounty at Altona

Okay ladies, anyone who likes a spot of patchwork might be in for a treat!
On my way to the dentist this morning (yuck), in an effort to cheer me up, the Style Consultant took me Vinnies Altona, where they had just put out this massive treasure trove of fabrics.

All $5 a bag!!!! And there were some bigger single pieces for $1 each!!

I will admit I did get carried away and bought, um, a couple, okay, five. But only because my family are also fabric hounds and I could share the bounty with them.

Each bag had about 10 pieces in it. On average I would say I paid 25c per metre!!!

Whoever the previous owner of this gorgeous stash is, I thank you from the bottom of my heart! You gave my horrible dentist day a silver lining :-) 


Kelly Wayne said...

Oh wow, what a find!!! Yes, a big thanks to the donater of that goodness!!! :):)

Gina E. said...

ALTONA!! It may as well be the moon from here, sob! I hate driving anywhere I'm not familiar with, so I miss out on so many great opshops like this. Probably just as well....I was gazing at my stash this afternoon wondering if I will ever use it all.

mothertheresa said...

What a great find! I like how they had it displayed too! :o)

DIAN said...

fantastic find.