Monday, 21 January 2013

Mega post

So, as promised I have been getting my Johnson on!! So far I have been quite successful and almost have a full set (albeit a mix and match set)

Today I found 2 orange saucers at Don Bosco on Sydney Rd for 10c each, 3 brown bowls at Girl Guides oppie in Essendon, 30c each, then 1 brown bowl for 50c, and 2 cups and 2 side plates for $2 each at the Antiques & Secondhand shop next to the Salvos at Moonee Ponds. I was quite surprised as the Antique Shop next to the Salvo's had some very reasonable prices! If anyone is interested they had hundreds of plain cream Johnson Australia (the older style, not the stoneware) plates and bowls (with a few coloured ones as well). The owner was telling me he salvaged several trailer loads from the old factory recently. He said a 90 something year old man helped him load up (I think he was the owner of the old factory) and he was just in time, as they'd already thrown out about 10,000 plates!! Apparently cafes and restaurants have been snapping them up! 

I also found this butter dish and knife still boxed for $2

Last week I got this sugarpot at Lifeline for $3. Unfortunately there is a chip in the lid, but I'm a woman possessed at the moment and couldn't leave it there. 
I can't remember the name of the opshop I got these at (I hadn't been there before) but the dinner plates were $1 each, the side plate was 50c and the nice lady threw in the jam dish for free!
And for other Johnson lovers out there, I saw this serving plate at Saver's Sydney Rd today. It was $7.99, a bit much for me considering the handle and the server were missing :o( But if someone is keen, it might still be there?? 

Today I also went to Trino's Op Shop in Pascoe Vale and scored this little souvenir jug for 20c and a vintage pillowcase for 50c
At the Girl Guides in Essendon, I found 4 unused placemats designed by 'Donald Clark' for $2. It was only until I got home that I realised the tea towel and pot holder I found earlier in the day at Dot's Op shop in Coburg (still in original packaging, $2) was by the same designer! What a coincidence!
Also at the Girl Guides I bought:
pot stand $2
Sterling Silver bangle $3
Wooden spool of cotton $1
Country Road blue cotton top $3
And at Dots:
Crotched handtowel $1
Top with Scottie Dogs on it $2
and some BEAUTIFUL cups and saucers for $3 a set. 

The top left is Royal Vale, the two on the right are Queen Anne and the bottom left is Royal Grafton. They had many other sets (some trios) as well! I didn't want to be too greedy ;o) 

This set I bought whilst on holidays visiting my family, and as such gifted it to my mum as I couldn't really bring it back in my carry on luggage. It is Johnson of Australia too, but the Sovereign Ware I think. We were really lucky to get a complete setting for 2 with no chips or cracks only 50c a piece!! I really like the slightly squared edges of the plates and bowls. 

And last but not least, several weeks ago at the Vinnies in Ascot Vale, someone had donated boxes and boxes of photos from a photographer from Footscray called E.J.Gatt. There were some beautiful portraits of people as well as landscapes from all over the world. Fascinating to see such a collection! All photos were $1 each. The shots below that I bought are almost A4 sized. (sorry about the sideways shot, my photography obviously isn't as good!!)


Katie said...

What an amazing collection of treasures you have there! You've inspired me to check out some op shops further afield now, especially if they happen to be right next door to antiques stores.

Kelly Wayne said...

Oh how I adore Johnson and I am sooooo envious of your wonderful haul! Wow you got some good prices on them too - I can't believe they were being thrown out too! It's funny, as Johnson gets popular again, I'm noticing the rise in prices for some pieces..but I think we're the same, it doesn't matter, it's Johnson! I picked up two cups today for 50c each of a pattern I've not seen before so I was a little bit happy! I'll post them on the blog soon enough. Lovely to chat with a fellow Johnson-aholic! Kel xx

Lyndel said...

fab finds, well done.

Anonymous said...

Could you tell me the address of the Essendon Girl Guides op shop, please? I haven't been able to find it.

mothertheresa said...

Can't wait to see the cups you found Kelly, it's amazing how many different patterns there are!

The Girl Guide op shop is at 10 Russell Sreet, Essendon, near the train station, open everyday except Sunday. The Christ Church op shop on Mt Alexander Road in Essendon is really great too if you haven't been!

cookiecrumbs said...

Wow! Score!

DIAN said...

Fantastic finds - I especially like the set you gave to your mum. The shape of the plates is great.

The tops look good too.

A great collection of bargains.

Corinne said...

What a brilliant bunch of finds!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Wow you bagged some absolute bargains and yes I love the squared-off plates - in fact the whole set - and everything's gone to a very deserving home to be well-loved:)) xo