Saturday, 12 January 2013

Patterns galore in Williamstown

I stopped by Salvos Williamstown (Kororoit Ck Rd) this morning for a quick fix. There were a lot of fress donations out front, awaiting sorting. Among them was 2 large boxes of sewing patterns. I asked the lovely lady when they might be put on the shelves, and to my delight she told me to dive right in!

At 50c each I really had to hold myself back :-)

So there is still heaps of patterns there, lots of vintage kids 
patterns, plenty of ladies from vintage to contemporary, various sizes. The best part is that most of them seemed to be not cut to size so the multi-size is still there.

Also brag worthy is this gorgeous doona cover and pillowslips, from Williamstown as well, but from the op shop on Ferguson St.

I think it was $8 or so. (The Red Dwarf paperbacks are from my fave Vinnies in Altona, $2.50 each.)


Lyndel said...

fantastic finds! wish Willi was this side of the bridge!!

DIAN said...

fantastic bedding. Must go to Williamstown again some time.