Sunday, 22 July 2012

Savers in Greensborough.

I haven't been to Savers for ages, as I just haven't needed to go to Greensborough for a while.  But I was passing through there last week, and having some time to spare....I was actually looking for something in particular, instead of just browsing.  They didn't have what I wanted (a coffee plunger to replace my last one which I bought at Savers), so I did some browsing to make up for my acute disappointment - ha ha!
A large length of red fabric - just what I needed for the sashing and border of a quilt I'm making. $5.99. A bag of machine cottons $3.99. I don't usually look at old cottons like this, but these are good quality, and as they are so expensive to buy now, I figured I may as well start buying up the old ones, as the quality of cotton was probably better than what it is now, going by my recent experiences with new reels of cotton splitting while I'm sewing...
More ties! $2.99 each. Yep, expensive compared to other shops, but I loved these designs. I also bought three books but for some reason forgot to photograph them...they were all art books, for $2.99 each.
This lovely little huckabuck hand towel cost $1 at the Brotherhood shop behind Savers.

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DIAN said...

Gina, that looks like a very successful visit to Savers. I must go to the Frankston one this week.

Like you I am a bit dubious about reels of thread but bought some just last week at Salvos.

The red fabric looks lovely and bright and just right for the sashing.