Friday, 13 July 2012

Over dosing on opshops.

I worked at the BSL today to cover for another volunteer who wasn't able to work, and I'll be back there tomorrow - wheee! Not only that, yesterday I was out with hubby while he was looking for computer stuff, and we had to go along Settlement Road, Thomastown. Just before we reached the place he was going to, we passed the Salvos opshop. I happened to be driving my car for a change, so he couldn't say much when I swerved into the carpark and said "I won't be long!" But he wasn't going to risk being deserted in the car for half an hour, so he came in with me. He doesn't usually 'do' opshops, so it was a bit of an eye opener for him. He was pleased to find a John Wayne DVD that he didn't have.  $1.99
In the meantime I found a book on Acrylic painting for $1.99, a tie $2.99 (far too dear, but I love the design), and on the way out Ken spotted four ceramic chooks for $1.99.  We would have loved to buy them all, but he said "Where are you going to put them?" and not having an immediate answer, we just bought one, which is actually a tealight candle holder.

Today I only bought a few bits and pieces at the BSL. A lovely red stone butterfly pendant for $2.50, four ties for 75 cents each, and three lengths of fabric for my charity quilt projects - $6 a piece.

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Anonymous said...

I love the chook candle holder. It is so lovely!