Thursday, 26 July 2012

One of my recent awesome finds

Hey guys! I hope you've all been well. Here is a jacket I found a bunch of weeks ago in Storehouse op shop on Chapel St which I am absolutely IN LOVE with! Saw it hanging on the rack, loved it immediately, saw that the entire inside was lined with fur, loved it even more, tried it on and it fit perfectly...and of course I couldn't say no. It did come at a little bit of a price ($30) but considering how much I've worn it it's definitely worth it, and at the time I knew it would be so I didn't mind forking out the money.
As you can see, the hood unzips and you can wear it open like this which I quite like. I reckon this was one of my best clothing finds since I started op shopping. Or at least the best find most recently. Will hopefully get a chance to share some more of my other finds soon! Chanee x


Charlie said...

Certainly found it at the right time of the year - I want to lay that over my toes right now!!

Yarraville mum said...

Beautiful, beautiful jacket. I would have fallen in love with it too. In fact, I'd love it for meeeee heheheeh!

Anonymous said...

hehe too late, it's miiiine :)