Saturday, 7 July 2012

Finds in the northern 'burbs

Above: Collar detail on Red Cross purchases & a fabulous price tag!

A friend and I have a habit of planning our catch ups around a place where we can op shop hop. This last catch up was no exception! Our trip was centred around CPS, and our other visits were plotted from there.

The ladies at CPS were an absolute delight! My friend found some beautiful ramekins. Highly recommended along with CPS is the cafe next door, Miss Marie. The coffee is good and the dark chocolate brownies are amazing!

From there we did the Watsonia trio. Red Cross proved to be a great stop for clothing. I found a sweet red My Size top with cute button and stitched pleat details. I find being curvier makes it a bit trickier when op shopping for clothes, but sometimes the most fabulous finds are uncovered! I also found this asymmetrical yellow top that I might alter a bit. Did I mention that both these tops were $2.45 each? Bargains!

Across the road at Brotherhood of St Laurence I found some things I'd been looking for; I got a spare Sunbeam Mixmaster bowl for $3, a marble rolling pin for $3, and some haberdashery supplies for 50c a piece. The zipper happens to be perfect for a previous Savers Footscray purchase that has been waiting for repair!

Finally we headed to Savers Greensborough. No finds for me, but my friend found some beautiful pottery and some sweet clothing.

Op shopping is such a relaxing time for me. Do you feel the same?


Gina E. said...

Hi Corinne, Sounds like you and I haunt the same stamping ground! Not sure if you've been as far east as Eltham, but if you haven't, I'd love to meet you at our Brotherhood oppy one day! I only work there on Friday mornings (and fill in for others on other days now and then). I have a marble rolling pin, that my MIL gave me when she had to move into an aged care home. It belonged to her mother, and I love using it -much better than wooden ones, or those plastic things!

DIAN said...

Goodness, what fabulous finds. Love the rolling pin.

Corinne said...

Thank you! Yes, it was a fabulous find kind of day!

I'm actually in the eastern suburbs, but I will certainly end up in Eltham! I'll just make sure I schedule it in on a Friday! It would be lovely to meet you!

Kitchen items with a history are especially delightful to use, aren't they? I find it makes the process even more rewarding to use special old pieces. This rolling pin looks quite new, but I will certainly treasure it for many years! I tried it out on a batch of biscuits on Saturday, and it was a delight to use! My poor wooden pin will not see the light of day much anymore!