Thursday, 12 July 2012

More Thrills In Op Shops

My Podiartist told me I needed to buy an item like a cheese grater for my poor old calloused feet. I had trouble visualising what he meant then I  saw it in the Doncare Op Shop in Blackburn North. New,  still in it's packaging and only $5.00. Next I found two skivis one black and the other grey for $3.00 each. Every bit of extra warmth helps in this cold weather.

The pink jumper is just so sweet. It is from the Elipesy Shop in Blackburn. I found the colour a bit startling but convinced my self to go ahead and BUY because it was from New Zealand and the label was Katie Cullen. Because of a half price sale it was only $5.00 and I love it.



DIAN said...

more lovely bargains.

Anonymous said...

good buys and bargains there. my podiatrist hates the 'cheese grater'. i also use a 'cheese slicer'. from the chemist. they look like a very small cheese slicer. quite safe and make a huge difference comfort wise.

Gina E. said...

Great finds - those Blackburn oppies are super! I love the pink jumper; anything from New Zealand has to be good. Don't know about that grater thing on feet though...wouldn't it be more comfortable to soak your feet in a footbath/bucket with the appropriate foot soak stuff, then rub a nice foot creme? Still, if your poor tootsies are too far gone....ouch. I can almost feel it:-(