Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Three oppies in Watsonia.

I took my disabled friend J. to Watsonia today, to visit the Salvos, The Red Cross, and the Church oppie over the road. We had a ball! J. didn't buy much, but she enjoyed looking, and I got lucky with a few bits and pieces:

I've been looking for a white bag for months and found just what I wanted for $5 at the Red Cross shop.

The Red Cross shop also had some lovely ties for $2 each - a bit more that what I pay elsewhere, but these were lovely, especially the blue one.

This little Chicken Man ($5) at the Salvos begged me to take him home!

The Salvos have a great range of books, and although they were a bit pricey (between $2 and $3) I'm going to enjoy all of these (except the cricket one which is for my BIL).

Nothing very special about this bowl for $5, you're thinking? But I just happen to have three other dishes in this set at home, all of which I've found at opshops.

If you've got this far, and noticed the date on the photos, maybe someone who has a Casio digital camera can tell me how to change the @#$%& date! I've tried everything, including trying to turn off the date altogether, but it always comes back. technology...Grrrrr..


Jamiebelle said...

I love that bag, great find

NessaKnits said...

Good finds. Loving the red check tie!