Friday, 26 November 2010

Dandenong Vinnies

Dandenong Vinnies is having 50% off all of their clothing!! The sale just started yesterday and according to the lady I asked in store, it will go for a week! They're meant to be getting a heap of new stuff in as well, though there was already quite a good impressive selection! Just to give you an idea, I picked up several items and my total only came to $12.. it is a great time to grab some bargains. Many of the items I picked up were literally brand new with their swing tags from the retail store still attached!!


Bec said...

Sounds awesome, might be time for me to go on a bit of a drive. Thanks for the heads up.

Flotsam Friends said...

Oh wow, that sounds amazing. What a great deal. Thanks for stopping by my blog too. I can't wait to scroll down and enjoy yours. We appreciate the same things that's for sure! P.S. I'm giving away one of my Flotsam Friends Christmas Angels. (I've never done a give away before)! Pop by if you have a minute. Pruxxx

Flotsam Friends said...

P.S. I'm now not sure who popped by my blog! This is a great idea though, I'm going to enjoy following all your finds. Pruxxx