Saturday, 21 December 2013

Last days before Christmas at the Brotherhood of St.L at Eltham.

We are open next Monday and Tuesday, then we close for Christmas and New Year period, to re-open on Monday 13th January.   Our last two days will be frantic, as we want to get rid of as much stock as possible before the donations start arriving in January.  Remember, 50% off everthing in the store except books and the $1 clothing rack.  I got some great bargains today!
Two ties for 70c each.
Italian panty hose, 50cents
Selection of books ranging from 70cents to $1 each.
Back pack with a difference.
It opens up to be a sophisticated four piece picnic setting -plates, cutlery, wine glasses, s and p shakers,mini cheese board and corkscrew.

And in the other side of the back pack, two insulated drink bags.  All for $20.
Pair of sandals, $3.

The total was $24.  With the half price discount, I paid $12.  How good is that?!!


Anonymous said...

bargain to be sure. my sister's local op show (country SA) had a thing recently where you had to sing for freebies. she did it. that's different isn't it? hope you have a lovely christmas. Fran

Anonymous said...

of course i meant to type op shop. :)

DIAN said...

great bargains.

Gina E. said...

Hi Fran, thanks for your comment and good wishes. I don't know how many of our regulars would be prepared to sing for a freebie! I'll suggest it to our manager!

Addison Conroy said...

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