Friday, 27 December 2013

Christmas Eve at the BSL Eltham.

Our manager opened the shop before 9 am and we closed at 1 pm.  I was surprised at how quiet it was, but as M. said, most people have done all their shopping by Xmas Eve and don't need to be opshopping by then.  I'd made a gingerbread house to take to my husband's family Xmas lunch, but he decided not to go there this year, so I took it to the opshop, thinking people could have a bite of it as they wandered in and out, but the few people that did come in admired it briefly and moved on

Except for one elderly lady who stopped to have a good look.  She said "Oh that is so beautiful.  My four grandchildren will be with me tomorrow, and they would love it - is it for sale?" and I told her the story, and said I may as well sell it because we can't eat it at home.  She asked how much and I asked how much would she pay, and she said "Oh I don't know - $25?"   In the meantime another customer had come up for a look.  This bloke is one of our regulars and can be rather obnoxious.  He said "I'll give you $35" and the lady started to say "I'll pay that much" but I interrupted.  I said "You can have it for $20  - the kit only cost me $12, and I had fun making it, so I'm glad to know it will be enjoyed tomorrow by your grandchildren!"
The man was a bit miffed, and walked out of the shop, but I didn't care!

Here is my bunting decorating the shop.  I took it down when we closed the shop, and it is now hanging around our front verandah.

This will be my last post for the year, as our shop is now closed until January 13th.  So unless I go opshopping anywhere else in the meantime, there won't be anything for me to post here, so I wish you all the best for the New Year ;-)

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