Monday, 2 December 2013

BSL Eltham last Friday.

Here are my bargains from last Friday. An unusual silk scarf with kookaburras on; I think it might be hand painted. Most of our scarves are priced at 50 cents, so I was very happy to pay that for this one.
Nice little Millers tee shirt with pretty beading embellishment. $3.
Another tee shirt with a bit of sparkle, $3.
Gorgeous pair of vintage hand embroidered pillowslips. I'm not saying how much I paid for these, suffice to say it was a lot less than what I would have paid on eBay!
I'd made this Xmas bunting to decorate our home, but I took it to the opshop to show the ladies, and they persuaded me to hang it in the shop. Next thing I knew, customers were wanting to buy it! What would you pay for bunting? I made this from old patchwork fabric I've had for years, so it didn't cost me a lot, and didn't take more than an hour to make. I suggested $5 a metre to one customer and she seemed happy with that. But I'm not selling this until I've got around to making some more!

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DIAN said...

Gina, you always find such good items.
Those pillow slips look lovely.

I have been thinking of making bunting but have run out of time I think.

I do hope we can catch up for some opping again in the new year.