Saturday, 7 December 2013

BSL Eltham Friday.

As Christmas looms closer, we get more and more bags and boxes of donations.  Unlike some opshops, ours all get sorted the same day it arrives; we just do not have the room to store stuff.   Books get priced quickly and on to the shelves, and if we run out of space there, we mark down books that have been there for a while, to 50cents, and put them in a box out the front.  Clothes are priced and hung on racks, and again, anything that has been there longer than a few weeks gets put out the front for $1.  Bric a brac isn't usually a problem  - it is priced and shelved each day, and the older stuff taken off the shelves and sent back to the Brotherhood head office for distribution to other shops.  Now and then, we put bric a brac out the front for 20 cents or so, just to get rid of it.  But our customers are usually responsible for the fast turnover.  We have regulars that come in at least once a week, sometimes every day - just to see what is new.  Christmas decorations fly out the door as fast as we stock our special Christmas corner.  My bunting is still there thank goodness!

Anyway, here is what I brought home today.  A very old salt and pepper shaker set.  The chooks sit on ceramic pipes which used to have a cork in the end to hold the spices, but are long since gone.  They kind of 'rock' when you touch them.  No makers name underneath, but not made in China eithere ;-)  Very cute - I've never seen anything like them before.  $6.

Chicken spoon rest 50 cents.

Steve Parrish How to draw Aust. Wildlife book - 50 cents

Big hardcover book on cars $20.  I brought this home to show Ken, but he is not a bookish person, so after he's had a browse, I'll probably take it back to the shop.

DVD of world wide national anthems - $3.  I love listening to anthems of different countries at sports events, and often wonder what the words are.  I haven't opened this yet, but apparently the words are provided.


DIAN said...

What sweet little shakers.

It is interesting to read how you deal with donations. I must really make the effort and drive over to you one day.

Gina E. said...

You will be made very welcome at our little shop! And we would be happy to show you how we do it. Just let me know in advance so I can be there:-)

cookiecrumbs said...

That chicken spoon rest is so cute!