Thursday, 5 December 2013

A bag full of surprises

At this time of year it can be difficult to make time for opping but I do manage a couple of stores each week.

Yesterday I was looking for tinsel and decorations at the Salvos when I noticed a bag of "fabric" on the floor.  It was zipped and secured so it was not possible to know what was inside but at $6.95 I thought it was worth taking a chance.

When I opened the bag last night I found it crammed with gorgeous fabrics and lace (small pieces mostly).  There are some partly made garments and I wonder if these have been cut up to be used for something else or perhaps experimental pieces.

Anyway there are lots of sequins and trims on these pieces and as well as those there are pieces of new fabrics. Two pieces of aboriginal designed cotton and a piece of fine white linen.

There are two Christmas panels which I have not even had a look at yet.  These might be useful for the little ones next door.

There are also assorted plain and printed fabrics and some glittery shear cloth.

As well there is some very fancy metallic fabric and a pack of stabiliser.

When I reached the bottom of the bag I discovered some very pretty and fine lace, some of which appears to be hand made.  So you see it was a lucky find and good value at $6.95.   Some of the fabric will not be of any use to me so I will just donate it back again.



RobynJ said...

So wonderfully interesting pieces there. Looks like someone was a dressmaker and her cupboard has been cleaned out.

Gina E. said...

I love going through bags of fabric that come into our opshop - like you Di, one never knows what will turn up amid the dross. I agree with Robyn - it does sound like a dressmaker's cull.

cookiecrumbs said...

What a fantastic bag of goodies. I love buying 'mystery' bags of fabrics, it's such fun to dig through them!