Thursday, 19 November 2009

I really don't need this but I'm going to buy it anyway

Ashburton's new Salvation Army Store (formerly Bargain Browser) at 401-403 High Street was sporting some funky retro furniture today:
Retro armchair - the chair was in pretty good nick, though the cushions probably need replacing. It didn't have a price on it, and I was too scared to ask. Behind it, leaning against the glass window, was a fold-up rattan chair going for $15.

Wooden high chair for toddler with stickers - this one was going for $30. 

Retro wheeled tray with tiled surface - this was my favourite. I managed to resist grabbing everything else, but this I had to buy, though a) I don't have anywhere to put it and b) it cost $50. The Elmo cookie jar was going for $2, but somebody knocked it over five minutes later.

On my way out, I also picked up some retro-inspired canisters for $7/set. 

Like Heartofpearl, I am also a newbie on this blog. I'll be posting up pictures of cool things that I find but can't afford to buy. Hopefully you'll have the space/cash to buy them instead. :) 

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