Monday, 30 November 2009

Gold from Josie's on Balaclava

It’s delightfully old-fashioned, and I’m not sure I’ll ever use it. I found this letter and bill holder at Josie’s Opportunity Shop in Balaclava. There are a few small cracks in the wood and the gold lettering has faded a little, but it’s lovely.

When it comes to vintage and second-hand items, I really think that wood is a material that retains it look and feel. It’s such a tactile object and I have to say I love the smell. The volunteer at Josie’s appraised it and it was haggled it down to $3.

Has anyone else found unique items at Josie's Opportunity in Balaclava, or in other opshops in Balaclava ... I've believe it's a bit of a staple for quirky, vintage pieces.

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