Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Brief visit to the Brotherhood in Eltham.

Today I wanted to drop some clothes and books into our local opshop, and while I was there, look for a 100% cotton long sleeved blouse. Living in a high level bushfire risk area, I've been reading literature about what people should do if they are going to defend their properties against fire. One important aspect was the clothing you should wear, and it should be natural fibres such as cotton, wool, or leather. (Imagine being too close to a fire if you are wearing polyester - it would melt all over you...OUCH). On checking my vast wardrobe (mostly courtesy of Savers), I was shocked to find that I had not one item of clothing made of cotton, apart from two pairs of denim jeans. I do have leather motorcycle boots, and an Akubra hat, so along with the jeans, all I needed was a cotton blouse. And I found it. Laura Ashley, pale blue cotton for $3.

As usual, I didn't stop with one item. I found another tie (75 cents) to add to my bag of wannabee patchwork ties - this one has little elephants all over it.

A quick peek into the remnants box revealed a nice clean piece of calico (homespun) - great for my patchwork and other stitching projects!

The cashier put all three goodies into this calico bag - whooee! Another calico totebag to add to my collection! I much prefer using these to shop instead of those awful green supermarket bags, as handy as they are.

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Joanne said...

Great idea about the bushfire safe clothing; despite the lessons of the past I've seen news footage of more recent fires with householders wearing sleeveless tops and shorts trying to put out the fires! They still don't understand what radiant heat can do.