Wednesday, 18 November 2009

What would you use this for

I've always thought of how pretty glass ashtrays were, although I found no use of them being a nonsmoker. Recently when I was hunting for some goodies at the Doncaster Salvation Army, I found myself staring at this beautiful, heavy & undamaged piece of glass and thought what a perfect jewellery holder it'd be! 

So, now I  have this pretty little jewellery holder, it fits my bits & pieces and it cost me about $2, what a bargain! 

Just like to say a big 'HELLO' to everyone who reads this blog. I'm a new contibutor as of today, and would like to start sharing all the little treasures I find in our Melbourne secondhand stores. Hope you enjoyed my first post! x


Textile Tragic said...

It's going to look sooooo much better with pretties in it than it would with cigarette butts and ash. Good find. I'm just lurking, not contributing, but it's fun to see what other people come home with.

heartofpearl ♡ said...

im glad you think so too!! better for the health too. i agree, it def is fun to see what others end up taking home! x

WildStar said...

I've had a couple of crystal 'sparklies' holders in the last couple of years, just big enough to put a few favourite treasures in. My cats like them too and I've found them smashed on the floor. Oh well, for $5 each I can cope with that. Doncaster Salvo's is my closest Op Shop as well - hello neighbour.

Jayne said...

You could fill them with those tiny polished pebbles you can get for $2 per scoop in some gem stores, display a larger polished gem, or fill it with pot pouree/fresh lavender.

Jessie said...

Hiya, I'm heading to Melbourne for a visit at the end of November and I discovered this gorgeous blog =)
Was wondering if you can give me some hints on good markets and some relatively cheap vintage/op shops in the Brunswick area? And any other tips? =) thanks so much =) xx Jessie

Gina E. said...

Welcome to our fun blog, Heartofpearl! I was always disgusted at the sight of ash and butts in beautiful glass ashtrays too, but I never thought of using them for something else. Great idea!

acutelife said...

WOhOO I love Aussie's OP shops and salvation armys coz you can always get cute findings there :) I think this blog should list the places/areas too (or link to their websites) just a suggestion though :)

heartofpearl ♡ said...

Wildstar - wow! hello to you too, neighbour haha. I wonder if there are anymore op shops near our area? the one on the other side of salvo's has moved or closed :( i used to find cute scarfs there!
Jayne - that's a great idea! i would love fresh in pretty glasses!
Jessie - i think there are a few links towards the right of this blog! a list of op shops! hope it helps
Gine E - thank you so much :) i feel so welcome here hehe!
acutelife - hey! i think they do have a list of them on the right side:) yay thanks for reading this blog too! x