Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Uncovering Delights in Mirboo North

On a recent trip to visit a friend near Morwell, the Chef and I found ourselves being driven out to investigate the op shop in Mirboo North.  If you're looking for Mirboo North, you'll find it in Gippsland, halfway between Morwell and Leongatha.  It's a sweet little town surrounded by lush pastures and a bit of bushland, packed full of caf├ęs and specialty shops and, of course, the op shop.

Here's what I found (mostly old knitting patterns, of course):

The Winter Warmers book in particular is fantastic and not that different from the modern version Patons produces today.  The difference being that the modern book costs around $17 and mine cost about twenty cents.

But this was my favourite find, for obvious reasons:

Crocheted and knitted ties!  And yes, I will absolutely be making at least one of these because how could I not?

Apart from the knitting patterns (of which I only bought a few, so there are still many left), the Mirboo North op shop has plenty of clothes on offer, including a box full of hats.  It also has a steady supply of crafting and patchworking magazines, if that sort of thing is of interest to anyone.

If you ever happen to be driving through Mirboo North, you should definitely stop off at the op shop.  And when you're done, wander across the road to the chocolate shop and treat yourself to something sweet.


Steph said...

My sister in law lives in Mirboo North! I have been to that op shop and can definitely recommend it :)

Asa-Marie said...

So jealous!