Friday, 4 April 2014

BSL Eltham Friday.

I haven't found much of interest in the past few weeks, but today we had some really good stuff brought in, as well as what came in during the week.
This rug was brought in by a lady who said it was brand new.  It looked unused and had a tag on the back that looked as if it had just come from a shop, stating the rug was 100% wool.   We discussed it out in the back room and I said these rugs could cost up to $200 or more.  We paid that much for ours over 30 years ago, and it is now looking the worse for wear after all our cats have sharpened their claws on it over the years.   B.  (the manager)  asked us if we thought $40 was a reasonable price, and I said yes, I would buy it for that.  She said "You had better take it now then!"   The photo doesn't do justice to it, but it does match our lounge room decor.

This dear little teapot was on the shelf for $5, and as we are having our kitchen renovated in a few weeks, I decided this would look nice sitting on one of the new shelves.

The brown teapot was $2 - it is a lot smaller than what it looks here.  Really just a one person teapot, but I can use it because sometimes I want to make myself a proper brewed cup of  tea instead of a tea bag, and if DH doesn't want a cuppa, this will be just the thing.

The clock was out the back of the shop in the rubbish box, and I asked B why it was to be thrown out when it looked in good condition.  She said that it might not be working, so I took it home to see if DH could get it going.  All it needed was a battery, so it is now on the wall of our bathroom which is blue tones, and looks great.  (this pic was taken with the clock lying on the floor).  I'll ask B for a price next week; I'm guessing it won't be more than about $5.

I don't wear ear rings, but when I saw these Gumnut babies ear rings in the 50c box on the counter, I thought I can remove the hooks and use them to decorate craft projects.  Look at those dear little bottoms ;-)

Craft cutting mat for $1 - crafties can never have enough of these - they can wear out pretty quickly!

Vintage crocheted tea cosy for $1.

Long length of fabric $5 - haven't measured it yet, but it looks to be at least three metres.  The pattern looks like broderie anglaise, but it is just printed cotton.  I'm thinking it would be perfect to back a small quilt.


Linda said...

Gina, some great finds there. The rug is gorgeous and I love the house cute. You are right about the cutting mat, you can never have enough. Also love the little gumnut babies.... they will look wonderful on your craft project.

Katie said...

Love the tea cosy - it's amazing.

Anonymous said...

Awww those gumnut babies! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Is it fair you get first pick before the customers? I am a bit wary about donating if the volunteers are only there to get the good things before anyone else.

Gina E. said...

Anonymous, volunteers at opshops are probably the biggest customers any opshop has because yes, we do see things as they come in. But remember that we are the ones who do the hard yakka, we sort the rubbish from the good stuff, and I can tell you it is hard work, going through bags that could contain anything from soiled babies nappies, cockroaches, fleas, and mouldy food, to brand new clothes, toys and books.
So we feel we are entitled to have first dibs at something that we really like. And we do NOT walk away with things for free. Not at our shop anyway. The goods are priced as they would be for the shop by the manager, and that is not negotiable.

Anonymous said...

Love the rug; $40 is a bargain!
In response to the other 'Anonymous', some op shops don't let their volunteers buy stock until it has been in the shop for a day. I don't mind either way- I see where you're coming from, as yes, a lot of goodies would be snapped up pretty quickly, but these people are giving up their time to volunteer, so this is a nice little perk for them :)