Monday, 14 April 2014

The Upwey Treasure Shop

Last weekend, we detoured off the Burwood Highway into Upwey in search of an op shop, which we found in the form of 'The Treasure Shop', an op shop run a local Uniting Church.  It's a lovely little place just around the corner from the main strip of shops - a bit long and narrow with interesting little nooks packed full of treasures.  The name does not lie!

Here's what I found:

They had quite a few music books, plus a small collection of recorders and a folding music stand, if anyone's interested in those sorts of things.  I've just started to learn clarinet, so I was a bit excited to find a Grade One AMEB clarinet book with pieces I can actually play.  It's great when the original price stickers are left on things, because now I can delight in the knowledge that our entire haul of goodies (including some books for The Chef) cost us less than the clarinet book cost its original owner.

My favourite piece was easily the Traditional Knitting with Wool book.  Not only does it have some fantastic classic patterns, it also contains information about traditional knitting techniques from around the world.

No prizes for guessing where the last patterns are from.

The Treasure Shop is definitely worth a detour if you happen to be in the Upwey area.


Gina E. said...

Katie, we have a cardboard box full of knitting patterns and books, old and new. They've been there forever and it is a wonder they've never been thrown out, but I suppose the volunteer staff know that now and then, people do buy a few. Brotherhood opshop in the National Bank Arcade in Eltham if you are interested.

Katie said...

That sounds fantastic - I'm definitely interested in the sound of that box of patterns. Thanks for letting me know!

Gina E. said...

Don't forget this week is Easter so we won't be open on Good Friday.