Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Frankston OP Trip_05 APRIL

Frankston OP Trip_05 APRIL

Had a trip to Frankston last Saturday, noticed there are 7 op shops but finally can only visited 3 of them ;( It's a pity but I am lucky enough to grab some bargain. I work on weekdays, can only go op shop during weekend, enjoy going to suburb with few op shops nearby, so can grab every chance to shop before shop closed. Do you have any suggestions for SAT op shop trip?

1. $5 for the embroidery cotton dress.
2. $1 for the Genuine Leather Wallet.


Katie said...

That dress is gorgeous!

I'm not sure where you're located, but there are quite a few op shops in Bayswater that are close together - at least five, last time I was there.

Angel said...

Hi Katie,

Thanks for your reply, I live in western suburb but I will travel around MEL by train,I've been to Bayswater, but I only manage to visit 3 of them as others are closed. I like Vinnie the most, the price are reasonable. :)

Gina E. said...

You have a bargain there with the leather wallet! I'm always on the lookout for leather wallets at opshops because for some reason mine wear out quickly. (There is no moths breeding in my wallet, lol)
It's funny how opshops seem to be near each other in some places. I was out with my husband last week and saw three big oppies close together. High Street Kew is another fabulous opshop strip - about five of them.