Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Kilsyth Salvos

We spent a very rewarding half hour or so in the Kilsyth Salvos store this morning.  They had a fantastic selection of knitting needles and I managed to fish out a couple of pairs I need for my next project: a nice pair of woollen gloves for Winter.  I've never knitted gloves before, so it should be an interesting experience.

Even better than the finds (more on which below) were the people we met.  I had a lovely chat with a lady in the knitting section, who handily had a knitting needle conversion chart to hand - handy because I needed to double-check if a no. 13 was the same as a 2.25 in. needle (turns out it was).  Like me, she also resists paying $27 for a pattern book or $6 for a pair of needles at stores like Spotlight when you can find much more interesting things at a better price in op shops.

Meanwhile, The Chef had run into a musical fellow who was telling us stories about people buying professional French horns valued in the thousands for $500 at Cash Converters.  It's amazing what you can find if you look hard enough!

Speaking of looking hard enough, this is what I found this morning:

My super-fine, glove-knitting needles, some books from the 70s and 80s (plus one classic book that's going to my mum) and a lovely patterned skirt.  I don't like the tie on the skirt, so it'll be going, along with the belt loops, and then I'll be completely happy with it.

Have fun with your op shopping this week!


Carmen Neutral said...

I always love reading these stories. In my local Salvos Store (Doncaster) I'm always impressed by the exceptionally high standards, and the way everything is displayed so beautifully.
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Katie said...

Everything is so neat and tidy in Salvos stores. I do have a soft spot for a messy op shop, though - all of that searching and sifting somehow makes me even happier with the treasures I find!