Thursday, 27 March 2008

West North West

I visited the Brotherhood of St Laurence shop in West Footscray on Tuesday. This is about to become a Brotherhood Clearance Centre and will be opening on Sundays.

There were no craft supplies and not many clothes but there were three huge tables full of jeans and they are all only $4 a pair. I bought 2 pairs for myself.

They also have the largest selection of books that I've ever seen in an Op Shop - fiction, non-fiction, novels, cookbooks, reference books, kids books etc. All books are only $1 each and the lady at the counter told me that they are expecting another delivery of books very soon. I picked up a few books below.

On Wednesday I visited the Salvos in Deer Park. I bought this lovely skirt below that doesn't fit me but I'm planning to make it into a handbag.

Then I discovered that there were lots of clothes where the Suzanne Grae label had been removed. I asked at the counter and the lady told me that they are all new and have been donated by Suzanne Grae.

It looks like each item has a small fault but I bought the following:

Brown three quarter sleeve top (just has some loose stitching at the top).

This red top that is missing a button.

This purple dress that just has a broken zip

....and a huge bag of buttons!


leslie said...

sweet, that's about 2 minutes from my house! they must have lowered their book prices as they used to be anywhere from 50¢ to $5, with most paperbacks falling into the $2-3 range. i better get over there for another look!

aprilmay said...

I was in Lorne for the Easter weekend and wandered into the op shop opposite the beach (will have to get back to you with the name) and the lovely lady there told me that they are open every day of the year except christmas and good friday! How exciting!
Nice find in deer park!

jenops said...

buttons a good find. I've noticed a lot of ops are bagging buttons or putting into small jars, and charging upwards of $2 for only a few. I think this has arisen because of people using buttons for brooches and other bitsa jewellery.

ric said...

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