Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Bargain jeans

I found a new pair of jeans perfect fit on a 5 for $1 rack and a vintage dress for $8. The vintage dress is very similar to those sold by Sportsgirl for $150.
Unfortunately I have to admit that I did purchase these items on an op shop tour of Adelaide as part of the Adelaide Fringe. So sorry girls its a little far for you all to drive. However, I assure you there will be a similar op shop tour of Melbourne running in the 2008 Melbourne Fringe.


Cat said...

Hi from Adelaide.. I guess you're here now, so welcome! I'm interested in how the tour was. Also could you please fill me in on which op shops the tour took you to? I was unlucky and missed out!

Thanks for the blog!

Joanne said...

Hi Cat, so sorry you missed out I think many people did, next year I will be sure to run more. In terms of op shops we went to Findon Salvo's and Findon Goodwill. and then a couple of vintage stores on Queen street, Croydon and finished at Dress ups in the Central Markets. I would also recommend if your in Adelaide to check out the Hidley st Goodwill and Vinnies around the corner in an allie off Hindley st. And Salvo's on Whitmore sq. I could give you a whole list more, but that should keep you busy! Have fun in Adelaide.

Cat said...

Thanks for that joanne, i will definitely check them out and get back to u :)