Sunday, 17 November 2013

Welcome to a new oppy blogger!

Hi 'Plates' - that was a great post for a first timer here :-)   I know that area in Macleod but haven't been there for a few years.  Looks like I should re-visit one day!  If you live in the area, I'm not far away, so perhaps we could meet up for a coffee and opshop trawl?

Dian, you're right, I usually do bring a few bits and pieces home each Friday, but I also take things in most weeks.  For instance, the crocheted rug will be replacing the rug in my car, as I said.  Next Friday I'll be taking a box of clean jars, as our stock is rapidly going down.  We sell them for10c and they go like the proverbial hot cakes in the month leading up to Xmas, because so many people like making jams and preserves for gifts.   So I save all our jars up during the year, and take them in as we run out.
I always donate books and magazines back to the shop once I've read them, unless I'm keeping them for future reference. 

And a bit of advertising here for our shop:  I happened to see a sign in the back room and asked the manager about it.  EVERYTHING IN THE SHOP FOR HALF PRICE THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS.   And no we do not load the prices to make more money!  We just want to get rid of as much stock as possible because in the new year we get so much donated, as people throw things out to be replaced by new stuff they've been given, or bought.  And of course there are all those 'unwanted' Christmas presents....

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