Monday, 18 November 2013

embroidery and lace

 Over the past months I have picked up some beautiful hand embroidered pieces.

Whenever I look at these I wonder who worked these and why they look so new.

 I have included some close up pics of the detail so you can see how lovely they are.

 The three piece set with roses is lovely and I remember working roses like these ones (only not as well).

 The blue flowers are so finely worked.

 The piece of lace is especially lovely and I think it is hand made.


 This last photo shows a little of a piece of fabric I am creating from some old pieces of lace and a doiley which were stained and worn. 


RobynJ said...

Those are beautiful pieces of embroidery. My mother had many such pieces of work. In fact they all look very familiar.

She maintained that the stitching should be so well done that the back of the work was almost as beautiful as the front. I think my embroidery must have caused her palpitations. haha

Gina E. said...

LOL Robyn! My mother in law always inspected the back of my embroidery!
Dian, they are lovely pieces :-)