Saturday, 9 November 2013

Eltham BSL today.

Thank you RobynJ, for acknowledging my plea for other posts. I can fully understand why you are not opshopping while you're in the throes of moving. I can see myself doing the same thing if and when we pack up and leave this house! Today was busy at our shop. Lots of donations (mostly clothes) and a steady stream of customers. We've got our Christmas Corner set up with decorations and other related stuff where people can see it instead of wandering all over the shop to find things. We get a lot of new stuff from retailers clearing out last year's Xmas stock, so if you are getting ready to decorate your house, come over and have a look at what we have for sale. We've been getting some gorgeous children's clothes too including Pumpkin Patch dresses, which are snapped up quickly. Also some lovely women's summer dresses are on the rack now. I like to hang three of them up over our door which is wide open when the shop is open. I dress the clothes up with matching jewellery (or scarves in winter) and it makes such a difference to the way they look on display.

Here is my little stash from this morning.  A scarf (50c) and a scarf clip ($2). It has to be my 20th - I've got a drawer full of them now!  But I do use them all.
Underneath the scarf picture is an elephant print, $1. This looks like it is screen printed onto silk and will make a lovely touch when it is appliqued on to a block for a quilt I've been thinking about.

Nice gold chain for $2.  This means I can chuck out the older tarnished chain that I've had for years.


RobynJ said...

Love that little elephant print.

DIAN said...

I agree with RobynJ the elephant is really lovely. The scarf clip is a great buy -cannot have too many of them.

thanks for continuing to post - I enjoy reading.