Saturday, 16 November 2013

BSL Eltham, Friday 15.11

Thanks for that link, Robyn - what a fascinating look into the past.
There have been a few people visit the opshop where I work, who ask if I write the opshop blog.  As there are a few such blogs, I like to clarify which blog they are referring to, and once we've established that I post on this one, I immediately explain that it is not MY blog.   One such lady came up to me today and said how much she enjoyed reading the blog.  She asked what I'd bought today, that I'd be writing about on the blog, and I said 'Nothing tday", to which one of my co-workers responded "Not yet". 
Well, Ms Blog Reader, I did buy something later on.  Three things actually.
A stunning crocheted rug for $12.   I have always had a crocheted rug in shades of blue on the back seat of my car (which is blue), and the current one has been there all of ten plus years.  So while it isn't faded or damaged, it just doesn't look fresh any more, whereas this one looks (and is) brand new.

The manager was sorting some donations and found this beautiful little wall hanging.  Did I want it for $5? Guess's here, isnt it.

A pair of crazy hand painted ear rings.  I'll take the pins off and use them to embellish some of my crafts.


RobynJ said...

Adore those ear rings.

DIAN said...

You always bring things home with you GinaE: do you donate back to the op shops or is your house bursting at the seams. I have to give back to make room for new stuff when I go opshopping.