Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Unexpected Vintage Fabric Loveliness

I have visited the Brotherhood of St Laurence shop at Deer Park a few times. It's clean, well-organised and has a really good variety of stuff. However, previous visits have always left me empty handed - nothing really ever took my fancy. The drought ended this morning though when my youngest and I popped in as we were in the area.

I always head straight for the back of the shop where they have a good range of Manchester and instantly found a delightful vintage green floral single flat sheet ($2). I dug through the pillow case bin and came away with a very sweet vintage-y lavender floral case ($1) - actually, I remember having this exact same pillow case as a 5 year old, more than 2 decades ago (!).

Then I wandered to the curtain area, already very happy with what I had picked up. But then I spotted IT and under my breath squealed with delight. Behold:

Love, love, love it! And there was pair of them for $2 each. I'm going to unpick all that stitching and use that lovely print for softies, cushions, bags, etc. Ahhh . . . doesn't it feel good when you find hidden treasures so unexpectedly!


Cass said...

That curtain is fantastic

Elisa said...

i love the colours.
they are so 70s!
what a find

Rebekka said...

Gah... I have been *searching* for a green sheet like that to be the back of the green quilt I'm making... ENVY!