Sunday, 3 August 2008

Dualit Toaster

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Look what I found, a $500 toaster (no I'm not kidding, they are really that expensive) for $12 at the Mt Waverley Lions Club op-shop.

I was a bit sus when I saw it, who gets rid of an expensive item like that if it still works? They let me plug it in in the shop and it seemed to be working OK but when I got it home I saw that one element wasn't working. I got it replaced yesterday and it cost $74 which is kind of expensive but these toasters are supposed to last a lifetime.

And yes, it makes great toast :)


Jayne said...

Wow that's certainly a bargain find!
And, although the element replacement cost $74, you're still ahead on the original retail price.
Well done!

The Shopping Sherpa said...


paintergirl said...

holy cheese-on-toast batgirl! that's amazing!

Tui said...

That is a seriously good score. Excellent work.

MildlyCrafty said...

Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with myself!

kazza said...

I have recently retired from work to op shop and like you do some lovely creative things i never had time for. My mother commented today that she never thought of me as artistic but has changed her mind. My passion is to give new life in my home to my pre loved finds. I have been making some lovely little carry bags for digital cameras and sunnies from retro ties. Hope to post a pic soon as this is only my second night on I op therefore I am.

Anonymous said...

elements are $12 on ebay