Saturday, 16 August 2008

Buying a bike is easy but riding is not so!

Hey, my name’s Elisa! This is my First ever blog on I Op therefore I am! My own blog site is which a little Hobby of mine or just a place to display the whimsical things I create in my spare time. I love using second hand objects in my creations.
I like to think of myself as a collector of objects that relate nothing to each other except the fact that they are owned by me.

The first object I’d like to share with you is an object I went looking for. It’s my Purple bike (recently named the purple people eater). I thought that I would be able to ride to Uni during summer since I don’t live far away from it however I didn’t count on the fact I can’t really ride a bike well. Plus it’s to cold to walk let alone ride a bike anywhere!

It was $95 but I haggled it down to $85 at my local cash converters! Still I love it and I feel pretty pimp when sitting on it! it has a very kitchy look to it and i love the colour!
Thanks, for reading my post! I will try to post at least monthly!


Bronwyn said...

I love the Purple People Eater!

purplemoo said...

Hey dude,
Your bike's King Disco!
From Brittany

laughing purple goldfish said...

lurve the bike! look forward to reading about your other finds, and I'm off to check out your blog

Mixed Species said...

Dude if I had a bike as rad as that we could ride and hold hands and be the coolest kids in school!

Miss Frugal said...

hi i love this bike it brings back memories its just so 70's a collectors item almost! almost :) well done