Friday, 23 May 2008

Oakleigh Op Shop Goodies Round Up

As you can see from the photo, we found a few goodies yesterday, around Oakleigh.

The brand new, fully complete board game Squatter - for a mere $2 - and the cast iron flat-iron - only $5 - were found in St Vinnies in Crewe St, Oakleigh.

The brand new, never been opened or used fondue set - only $10 with the original $35 price tag still intact - was a bargain from Temcare Op Shop in Station St, Oakleigh.

The brand new, never been used board game Bush Walk - still wrapped in original cellophane for $2.75 - was a find in the Salvo's in Atherton Rd, Oakleigh.
For under $20.00 and a leisurely stroll around the suburb we found some great bargains, including a couple that we'd been hunting for!


Temcare Op Shop, in Station St, Oakleigh is bursting at the seams with goodies at the moment!
Collectors tins - tea,tobacco and other sorts- are out on the tables, crockery sets and assorted silverware heavily marked down, many racks of great quality clothing are out on display, as well as a huge variety of other goodies.
They have a sleeping bag and 2 man tent available - price unknown - but both appeared to be in good condition, the tent still in it's original box, for anyone interested in camping.
Also a large collection of thermos's were variously priced, along with a few backpacks for the serious bushwalker.

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Anonymous said...

July 2013 Temcare Op Shop is busting at the seams again, Heaps of interesting things. If you need to dress a set come here.

I had a great laugh with the volunteers, they've got a whacky sense of humour and time to chat.

Beware of the 'booby trap' that goes off if you don't buy anything (so they said with a smile!)

I bought a hand carved Latvijan candle stick.