Thursday, 1 May 2008

Gettin' all business like

Well, for the first time in my life, I have scored myself a job where I have to dress all business like and stuff. Yikes! It's quite a corporate work environment and I have never worn a suit in my life. My wardrobe is full of clothes, but not clothes that make me look clever and important and like I'm takin' control of bizz-nasss.

So I need to corporatise my wardrobe quick smart. Does anyone have any recommendations on op shops that stock good quality clothes that could be worn in in a corporate workplace? I'm in St Kilda but if you know the best ever op shop somewhere in far-away-land, like Emerald or Rosebud, let me know anyway as I am happy to travel.

Thanks all!


Jayne said...

I find the Red Cross op shops usually have very smart, business-like clothing available.
Skirts,trousers, jackets, vests, shirts/blouses,etc that can be mixed and matched.

thunder road said...

It's worth going to all the big op shops (sacred heart on Grey st, the one on corner of Inkerman and Brighton rd, Chapel st Windsor has FOUR!) The bigger the shop, the more chance you'll hit the mother lode!! Happy hunting.

Anonymous said...

go to posh opshop cnr glenhuntly and grange road in glenhuntly, ten minutes from st kilda or to glenferrie road where there are three or four good op shops with good pickings [rich area] good luck

Joanne said...

hey hey.
There is a gorgeouse size ten witchery suit for $10 at teh elsternwick salvos, if your a size ten grab it glen huntly road elsternwick. kinda tweed etc. I have found that they usually get alof of good quality suitd in there, also there is another opp shop on glen huntley road little one run by a church but they ofte have cheap buisiness stuff. near the elsternwick train station. good luck

Joanne said...

The word around town is that inkerman st salvos has a lot of good brand names and office attire my housemate just got 9 items for $58 for her new job. YAY