Sunday, 27 April 2008

Long weekend frocktastic goodness

How great is a long weekend?! It's one of my favourite things. Having nothing to do except be utterly lazy, I took myself back to the Posh Opp Shop (1226 Glenhuntly Road, Glen Huntly) for some thorough browsing. And joy, it was half as busy as last time, making the experience much more enjoyable. Word has obviously got out about this op shop but I guess everyone was away this weekend.

There seemed to be fewer clothes but still plenty of goodies - and how to choose?! I wanted everything. After much browsing, trying on of frocks, changing my mind and spending far too long picking through the trays of costume jewellery while a bossy man behind me ordered the cute little old lady behind the counter to serve him (do people need to be so rude in an op shop?), I finally decided on these:

A pair of simple black ballet flats - Nine West, brand new and only $10! Woo hoo! I've been looking for a simple pair for weeks but have only found them with ugly buckles or fussy decorations on the toes. There were another pair for only $8 (Marks & Spencer, size 6.5, in almost new condition) but I had to tell myself I didn't need two pairs. Now I kind of wish I did get both. For such cheap prices, who cares!

A pair of costume earrings for only $4. There were so many earrings and pieces of jewellery. I went through three trays piled to the brim with all sorts of goodies, and could have bought at least 5 pairs but was trying to be sensible as I SO don't need more earrings! But I can feel myself caving in. I'm going back for more...

A scarf with bold colours and strong geometric patterns, just my taste. And only $4! Yay! I've been wearing it around my neck all day and don't want to take it off.

An oversized, burgundy/wine red scarf that goes and goes and goes. It's acrylic but for only $5, I don't mind.

All this juicy goodness. How good is op shopping?!


Stacey said...

I love the geometric scarf. Its right up my scarfey alley as well. Lucky you!

Chocolate Cobwebs said...

The Nine West shoes were an amazing find! And if they were a size 6.5 like the other pair you mentioned, then they would have fit me perfectly... I'm jealous! I'm a fan of the scarf as well. A great op shop haul.