Wednesday, 2 April 2008

$5 Bag Sale - Woodend Church Op Shop

My local church op shop (in Woodend) always seems to have some kind of awesome sale on (for about 4 weeks over Christmas/New Year everything way 50% off). This was probably the best it has ever had.
$5 for a garbage bag, packed with as many clothes, shoes, toys, books, whatever as you can fit without it bursting.
My sister and I arrived 20 minutes prior to the store opening at 9.30, enough time to grab brekkie and wait for the ladies to open, and then we got straight down to cleaning to shop out before anyone else did (apologies to anyone who turned up hoping for any half decent clothing - I'm afraid it was all gone by 10).

So how many clothes can two girls stuff into two garbage bags? I hear you ask. Well, lets see..

1. Colourful Plaid Vest/Velvet Mini, 2. Tie-Dye Dress/Short-sleeve Cardi, 3. GORGEOUS long blue dress - it's made of the softest fabric ever/Plated Belt.

4. Cute dress out of the costume box, 5. two floral print shirts (one short sleeved, one long sleeved), 6. Floral print vest/loong pleated skirt..

7. Oversized tartan shirt, 8. oversized wool vest, 9. A hat with a feather/black lace-up shoes/slouchy beanie/Scarf/bow-tie/Brown lace-up shoes.

Top Row:
Blazer with back pleat detail, 2 plaid blazers
Second Row:
"Cruella Deville" Blazer, Black Double-Breasted Blazer, Beautiful Dress.
Last Row:
Floral Skirt, Yellow Checkered Vest.
By the end of it we were pretty exhausted, but we managed to waddle across the road to salvos to pick up a vintage dresser for my sister..
(if you want to see bigger photo's of everything, head on over to my blog; )


Kirsten said...

My god, that is gold and you two need jobs as stylists if you aren't already.

tishy said...

very good job girls. A+. If you ever get sick of the Cruella jacket i'll take it off your hands ;p

beck said...

Can you tell me where in Woodend church oppie is? x