Thursday, 1 January 2015

Bargains in Bentleigh

Happy New Op Shopping Year, op shoppers!

To start the year off, I thought I'd share the goodies I found in my second-last op shopping expedition for 2014, which saw us heading to Bentleigh.  As we happened to be there in that odd time between Christmas and New Year's, many of the smaller op shops were closed.  The Vinnies was open, however, and I found this delight inside:

It's a Nally Ware sugar canister.  I absolutely love Nally Ware and have an entire set of canisters I inherited from my Nan, but now it looks as though I'm adding a new set to my collection.  Finding the rest of the set will be my goal for 2015.

Further up the street, we found the Sacred Heart Op Shop, which was absolutely amazing.  Firstly, this:

My parents had asked me just two days before to look out for one of these on my op shop travels, in order to replace the copy my dad already has (on which the cover is now falling off).  I thought the odds were against it and yet there was a copy, complete with dust jacket, for the princely sum of $4.

Of course, this being me, the remaining space in my bag was filled up with knitting and sewing patterns.

Some rather stunning Vogue patterns in my size.  I found a whole stash of these in another shop recently, but they were too small and, as much as I wanted them, I decided to leave them for another lucky op shopper.

I've said it before, but I'll say it again: I love old knitting patterns.  Plus, people keep having babies and babies need cute clothes.  The Winter Warmers is a duplicate for me, but the other copy I have is in appalling condition and this one is pristine.

And a couple of retro treats with interesting details.

Then there was this one...

This is an example of when I buy something because it is just too unbelievable to pass up.  The patterns inside are... interesting, to say the least (the pattern on the cover there is a pretty tame example, compared with the rest).

I just cannot imagine anyone ever wearing something like that, but you never know.  The designer in question definitely has a style all of her own.

This is why I love op shops - you just never know what you'll discover once you step inside.

Have a fantastic 2015!  I hope it's full of old favourites, new discoveries and many a treasure found in those delightful op shops we love so much.

P.S.  I have a new blog all about my knitting, sewing, photography and roadtripping adventures.  Please drop by and say hello!


Running Amok With An Ax said...

Love the knitting patterns - great finds!

Anonymous said...

Running Amok> They're brilliant, aren't they? Every time I think I've collected all possible knitting patterns of interest, another op shop will prove me wrong.

Anonymous said...

I volunteer at an op shop and I have problems persuading some of the other volunteers that people do collect old sewing and knitting patterns.

Running Amok With An Ax said...

Really? I'm surprised - I've certainly bought many sewing and knitting patterns from op shops, and know several fellow op-shoppers who do the same.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous> Goodness, please do your best to convince them! I think they're wonderful and I know there are may others out there who love them, too.

Anonymous said...

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