Sunday, 30 November 2014

Heathmont Op Shops

Now that I've collected pretty much every knitting pattern I'll ever need, it seems I've turned my attentions to sewing patterns instead.  At least, that's what I had in mind as I headed down to the Heathmont Op Shops yesterday.  Heathmont boasts two lovely op shops: the Heathmont Inter Church Help op shop and the Villa Maria op shop, both of which are packed full of treasures.

This is what I brought home with me yesterday, for the grand total of $11.

Two patterns and the cookery book came from HICH and the remaining two patterns, sewing book and checked fabric came from Villa Maria.

I realised this morning that the McCalls and Butterick patterns are almost the same, but at fifty cents each, I think I can afford to make a mistake like that.  The illustrations on the Style pattern are gorgeous, and the envious look on the girl in the middle amuses me: she's staring at the skirt being worn by the girl on the right as though she wished the illustrator had drawn it on her instead.

Or perhaps I'm reading too much into it.

The Australian Women's Weekly Cookery in Colour was my favourite purchase of the day.  It dates from 1960 and is packed full of extra recipes cut out of magazines (or hand-written), which you can see in the photo above.  The lady at the counter told me it had come from her friend, who had cleaned out her house in preparation for a move.  It is certainly going to a good home with me!

I hope you are all still op shopping when you can and coming across treasures, too.


Running Amok With An Ax said...

Lovely sewing items and what a great find that recipe book is!

Anonymous said...

Nice finds - love the pictures in mid-century recipe books. I have also had some great opp shopping finds from Heathmont. Always worth a look.

Wish I could see the pattern illustrations better. The illustrator was probably trying to make the job more interesting!

linda said...

a great haul of bargains there!there used to be a great blog called "a dress a day" and the writer used to make up stories about the people on the patterns. after reading it I can never look at patterns envelopes the same way again.

Katie said...

Running Amok> The recipe book is wonderful! I love just flicking through it, but I am planning to make some of the recipes eventually.

Anonymous> You are probably right about the illustrators trying to make their jobs more interesting! I certainly appreciate their efforts.

Linda> Thanks for mentioning that blog - I'm definitely going to have a look for that one.