Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Late last year I scored on a trip to the Australian Animal Protection Society op shop in Centre Road, East Bentleigh. Actually, each of my visits there have yielded treasures :)

A pretty stretch top in pinks and burgundy - I loved the print on this one.

 A striped t shirt to add to my collection of striped tees, destined for refashioning.

 Another stretch top with a great design. It's hard to pick out, but it has gold accents.

 I LOVE using bias binding in all kinds of my sewing, and it's surprising how often unused packages turn up in op shops. I hadn't come across the Nainsook brand before, nor seen such a pretty teal coloured one.

Fish sarong! The background is much more vibrant than this photo shows - I apologise for the poor quality of some of these images, but sometimes it's a case of "get 'er done!" when I can or don't get 'er done at all, and the morning was very changeable weatherwise :)

Necklace of pewter coloured beads, very shiny.

I love old linens. This one has a bit of stain (which has faded after three washes) but as it's destined for making into something else I can likely cut around the mark or cover it with an embellishment.

And another vintage retro tablecloth, no marks, no stains, no rips - perfect. I love the design on this one. I think it wants to be a tunic top.

The whole lot came to the grand total of $20! Made my day.


Katie Writes Stuff said...

Brillaint set of finds! That bias binding is such a gorgeous colour.

Nola G said...

'Nainsook' refers to a soft fine cotton fabric not a brand. Normal bias binding is quite stiff and much more coarse weave. Compare the two and you will feel the difference.