Wednesday, 28 January 2015

DVD/phone/sewing box story

I was going to post too about something that I bought from the Animal Protection Society Op Shop but can't because ... well, it's all a bit of a long story but perhaps encouraging for others out there.

I have been egregiously absent from this blog because time, well, time is the only thing that I don't manage to find at the op shop: although I do lose a lot there. I barely use my camera anymore, just my phone, and when I tried (quite some time ago) to post from my phone, I couldn't get a photo in because ... oh look, it's that long ago that I can't remember.

Anyway, I decided to try it again recently and lo and behold for the small cost of joining google+ (which is free) it is actually possible now to upload photos straight from phone to blog. Hooray!!! But evidently not a photo that you took 5 minutes ago of a Charlie and Lola DVD that you bought at the AAPS op shop. Maybe it takes some time to churn through. Instead, here is a fabulous vintage sewing box that I bought at Sacred Heart Mission in Bentleigh a couple of weeks ago. It was under $10 if I recall rightly.

So, my first phone-to-blog post. Now that I've managed it, I'll try to do many more!


Running Amok With An Ax said...

The sewing box is beautiful - I'm always on the lookout for sewing related finds at the op shop. And congrats on figuring out the phone/blog thing :)

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