Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Vinnies Port Melbourne

 today I was lucky enough to fit in a trip to Port Melbourne to do a delivery and have time left over to  check out Vinnies in Bay Rd Port Melbourne.  

These three pieces of epns were a bargain at a total of $20 for the three.  Need a good polish.

The egg coddler is Royal Worcester and I think a bit pricey at $20 but I have a friend who collects them and she will love it.

The little beaded handbag was marked at $5 but the blue tag meant it was half that price.  What a bargain.

The shop is not big but has a great range of quality clothing at reasonable prices so I picked up quite a few bargains.

This store is well worth a visit.  I didn't check them out but there were quite a lot of books and some lovely shoes.  


Karen said...

I have been given a lovely silver tea and coffee set. Can I ask what you are going to do with yours besides clean it? Will it be just for show or will you use it. I often wonder if these are put into practical service. How will you clean it?

Anonymous said...

Great finds, my sister and I inherited a similar tea set from our late nanna. We just have ours on show but I'm sure she used it in her day. $20 sounds cheap :)