Sunday, 28 April 2013

Opshopping on Friday.

At the Eltham BSL, I found this book for 60 cents. The MOTH likes sandwiches for lunch, so I'm always looking for new ideas for fillings.

An hour later at Savers in Greensborough, I bought this book for $3.99. Hark at the difference in price! I do think Savers could sell their books cheaper. They have so many in that shop, and I'm sure if they lowered the prices they would move a lot more books out the door.
On the other hand, fabric at Savers is usually well priced. This piece of brushed cotton was $2.99 - $1 cheaper than the book!
Back at Eltham, I tried on this necklace because it matched the sweater I was wearing. For $2, I decided to keep it! (Isn't it hard to take a photo of yourself? I look weird with my arm stretched out holding the camera!)

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DIAN said...

Love the pic of you Gina.
It is interesting to compare prices - I find there is a big difference between suburbs - some have higher prices on clothes and then the bric a brac is so cheap. What a good idea - a book about toasted sandwiches.