Thursday, 18 April 2013

Art for the walls.

Ms. A and I took an inner north west tour the other day. Things weren't going so well and we'd not found anything. We almost called it a day when we decided to pop into Vinnies Ascot Vale. We were both glad we did! Ms. A found a beautiful Scandinavian style dinner set (For $18!) and I found a lovely painting.  She was $9.

(She's been cropped a little...)

I've had a mixed response in regard to her. But I think she is lovely. To me she seems very Tretchikoff inspired. I'd love to have an op-purchased 'gallery' of prints and paintings in this vein! (See here for more of the same, compiled by a pinner inspired by Tretchikoff too.)

 If you happen to see any around, pop me an email!


Anonymous said...

I love the painting! I definitely would have snapped that up too. Was it framed?

DIAN said...

Beautiful pic. Sounds like a good place to visit.

Gina E. said...

Lovely painting. My MIL had a similar one on the wall for many years. After she went into care, and the family sold her home, I don't know what happened to the painting. None of us wanted it, so it probably ended up in one of the opshops we took loads of stuff to.