Sunday, 25 November 2012

Project Opportunity

 I have already posted some of this on my blog but really wanted to show it here.

A lot of people think of op shopping as being a bit haphazard - just a matter of chance.

On the other hand I think of it as my first port of call if I need something in particular.

To illustrate this I decided to set a dinner table for four people using only items obtained from the op shops I usually frequent.
  My grand daughter was with me and we had such fun doing this.  
The damask cloth is in great condition and fits my table perfectly. (Salvos)
Two dinner sets at $5 each (settings for 4) were ideal for mixing and matching. (Wilson Street op shop).
I used odd pieces of stainless steel cutlery which can be picked up for just a few cents. (outlook recycling centre)
Glasses are a bit of an obsession and so we had some lovely retro glasses for water and wine (and cranberry juice).  Glasses cost between $1 and $3 each.

Serving plates by Portmeiron and Villeroy & Boch, a glass bud vase and pink glass candle holders all added to the look.  Linen serviettes were in a big bundle of linen which I bought from Vinnies.  Salt and Pepper shakers also from Salvos.  The little candles are led lights also from Vinnies.

A rose from our garden and Spaghetti Bolognese and Garden Salad completed the diner table.


RobynJ said...

That looks absolutely fabulous. Nice job on the mix and match dinner sets.

mothertheresa said...

what a great idea! nice job :o) I think I might give that challenge a go myself!

Gina E. said...

Just goes to show that you and your home can look just as good with opshop gear as you would with Myer or Georges!

Lyndel said...

lovely table setting, well done. I agree, if I 'need' something I'll do a run around of half a dozen Op Shops before resorting to a Real Shop!

Anonymous said...

I love this! Great job!!