Friday, 16 November 2012

BSL Eltham.

I'm still working at the BSL every Friday, and yes, I usually bring home something, but I just haven't got around to photographing any of them lately. Probably because they have only been one or two things like books...But today was one of those great days when I found heaps of goodies!

 Two unopened boxes of oil paints ($4 and $10)  and two artist painting knives ($3 each).   I might seem greedy buying both boxes, but I have been to a couple of oil painting workshops, and when you slap on the paint with those knives instead of brushes, one tube of paint doesn't go a long way!

 Two pairs of shoes; on the left, Rivers brand ($2) and the green ones are Nike ($5)  How lucky to find brand names in my size - they are so comfortable.

 Hand worked tablecloths - above:  Leaves and hand crocheted edge.

Below: Roses, with a hemmed edge.  So beautifully done I thought it was machine done at first glance, but no, it is hand sewn.
I bought more goodies, but haven't photographed them yet, so I'll be back tomorrow with the rest of my stash :-)


RobynJ said...

Nice finds.

DIAN said...

Oh wow, fantastic buys, especially the paints.
Love the shoes too.