Thursday, 22 November 2012

Daylesford info, please!

Hi fellow op shop fanatics, I'm off to Daylesford this weekend and am wondering if you can tell me about any op shops in the area - or on the way there? I'll start doing some Googling but if there are any must-visit op shops, let me know!


mothertheresa said...

I just checked my op-shop guide and apparently there's a Vinnies at 28 Howe Street open 10-4 on Sat and Sun, and an MS society at 4 Duke St open Sat 10-1pm. The last time I was in Daylesford I went to 'The Mill' which has heaps of antique/vintage/retro gear. Not at op shop prices, but pretty cool all the same. I ended up not buying anything though because I was too overwhelmed!! :o) Have fun!!

Steph said...

I live in Ballarat and visit Daylesford regularly! The MS Society is not bad, and it's right next to Lark which is very pretty :). vinnies is in a busier street and tends to get picked over. Good luck!

Fourth Daughter said...

Thanks ladies! Appreciate the help!