Thursday, 23 December 2010

Oakleigh Centre Opportunity Shop

I haven't ventured into the Oakleigh Centre Opportunity Shop (in Poath Rd, Hughesdale) for awhile now as their prices were getting a tad high but I popped in briefly on Tuesday (thinking I was only 'looking') and was pleasantly surprised.
Not only have they rearranged the rooms but the prices are greatly reduced with an obvious higher turn over of stock as the over-crowded, dusty clutter is gone.
Each room is easily navigable, appears bright and tidy with objects well sorted.
I managed to find a double audio cassette of David Jason reading A Breath of French Air by H. E Bates, brand new, for a Christmas treat for my Dad for only 50 cents.(sorry no pic, it's wrapped for his Chrissy stocking!).
They have closed as of 23rd December but I'll definitely be having another 'look' in January when they reopen for 2011 :)

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Lyndel said...

Oh thanks for the tip off Jayne, I too had stopped going there, will add to my January to do list!.