Thursday, 9 December 2010

geelong rd

i like to fit in an op shop visit a week, if i can, and this week, despite a complete downpour, i managed to visit the brotherhood of st laurence on geelong rd and the lighthouse op shop a couple of doors down.

little red table
sweet little red bedside table for my toddler, $10, and a wee vintage abacus for 50¢.

50¢ fabric
some super cute flannel fabric for 50¢, a baby wrap that will become pj pants for my baby next winter.

as well as an armload of good quality basics for both kids (tshirts, singlets, etc) for 50¢ each, seven books for me at $1 each and a vintage, well worn but still lovely, floral sheet to help keep the toddler cool on these warm nights. a very good haul, indeed.


zigsma said...

Wow! Love the bedside table! And the abacus!! Excellent finds.

Lyndel said...

Good shopping ! I can't wait to join this blog so I can show you all some of my latest bargains.

Ky said...

That red table and abacus are just great! Awesome finds!!!
Which suburb is this op shop in??? Time to get myself out op shopping again.

Fourth Daughter said...

Love the primary colours of the table and abacus!
Lyndel - please join, we love seeing all the great stuff people buy!

Gina E. said...

Ditto to the above comments - the red table and abacus are gorgeous! They look brand new.

leslie said...

the oppies are on geelong rd, west footscray, pretty much right beside yarraville. there are lots of good op shops around here, although they seem to be closing all the time : (

Lyndel said...

Fourth Daughter, I would love to join in posting some of my recent finds. I went to the Fair@Square festival this morning... had a great time, and managed to squeeze in 2 Op Shops on the way too, including the New Lions one in Toorak Rd, Burwood Village... Please Please tell me how to add to your Blog, not just post messages here. Thanks.

Jamiebelle said...

wow that table and abacus are a stunning pair